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Grimoire Maintenance

Our lesson for today is how to properly handle your grimoire.

In the society that we all face today, it is vitally important that we maintain and respect our grimoires (or Book of Shadows) with the utmost care.

We, at The Green Fairy Grimoire, have compiled a neat little list on how you should best maintain a relationship with your magickal textbooks.

  • Never allow anyone but yourself to look upon the material of its pages.
  • If someone other than yourself has peered at it, you must burn it.

Many people do not understand why only the owner of a grimoire can look within and this is simply because your grimoire is traditionally viewed upon as the soul/spirit of you. Your soul is to be kept secret and handled with the highest level of care. You soul is sacred. If, unfortunately, someone other than yourself views your grimoire, it must be burned. This is because once set aflame (in a safe place) you are cleansing yourself of invasion, intrusion and disillusion.

  • Your grimoire is always to be handwritten. This maintains¬†authentication.
  • It is strongly encouraged that your grimoire be organized in a concise manner.
  • It must represent who you are not who you want to be.
  • All negativity must not be included in the same grimoire as positive spells and incantations. This pollutes the “good/healing” aura of the positive spells.
  • Always give a name to your grimoire. It is essentially supposed to be part of your entity.
  • Always leave your grimoire free from dust, dirt and other dirty surroundings.
  • Always keep your grimoire in a private/secret place. Preferably locked away.

Lastly, we will reiterate that your grimoire should be treated as if it were an extension of yourself. Traditionally, a grimoire is the deepest part of a practitioners soul/spirit/being. If one cannot respect their exterior then one must respect their interior… In the good words of J.R.R. Tolkien, “Keep it secret, keep it safe”.

A safe grimoire maintains harmony of being.